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Dear visitor, welcome to my website. It hasn't been translated yet and I'm very sorry about that.

Nevertheless I hope you'll enjoy visiting it. 


I can tell a bit more about me. I'm Estelle. I was born on the shores of the Atlantic.
I love the great outdoors, blue as much as the green, weeds, the rustle of the waves

which spread on the sand, the wind rages. This is probably because of this 

I’ve studied marine biology and environment. I worked severals years in research

labs around the world, from Spain, to England, from Israel to Japan.

Back to Paris, I took responsibilities in marketing studies, in the field

of environment and health. 

At one point there were crosspaths. The pleasures of childhood came back to me:

the piles of fabrics in my mum’s workshop, the clatter of the Singer sewing machine,

button boxes or those of spools of thread, fabric’s scraps or ribbons pieces that ended

in small pictures …
I decided to dedicate my time to textile and thread work for Nod's.

I’m happy to be away from efficiency concerns or hurry that have long been mine

in my previous activities and I rediscovered the pleasure of time, patience, and quality.



Nod’s is a collection of one-of-a-kind textile pieces. They are designed and handcrafted by myself next to Paris.

I use very high quality embroidery thread as well as upcycled fabrics and trimmings, to create textile chains that I sew

on linen. This technique I developed needs time, control and repetition of gestures and exigency and gives very nice colors, shading and texture to my designs (please take a look at inspirations)
I handcraft home decoration items (look at créations déco and little Nod's
as well as jewelry and accessories (bijoux et accessoires textiles ).


To know about events or news you can look at this page.


You can visit the E-shop for Nod's textile jewelry on Etsy
I take commissions for home decor items or for any textile work you may like.

Do not hesitate to ask me here.


Please, contact us for any other question you may have about Nod's here

We hope to hear from you soon!



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